David’s Virtual Assistant Services

Hi! My Name is David, I am a General virtual assistant from the Philippines and the owner of DVAS. I help executives and entrepreneurs to gain control of their business, profession, by way of delegation. I will take on a task that requires a lot of effort. So, they can have more time for what Is important to them, like; spending more time with their family, education, and growing their business by taking on more risks that will bring more profit to their business or profession. 

What I aim?

DVAS main goal is to free up as much time as possible for the business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives so they can concentrate on their business growth and have a work-life balance.

I’m committed to providing the highest level of service and the best possible outcomes for my clients. I take the time to develop a close relationship and understand each client’s unique virtual assistance needs. I pride myself on prompt, clear, and efficient communication. I always strive to deliver creative, practical solutions to my client’s needs. Partner.

Why am I here?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives are struggling with day-to-day tasks to such a point that they find it hard to allocate time for selling their products or services. I want to help them with their burdens

What do I offer?

“TIME”, business growth and peace of mind for business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives. They certainly need help with business operations, admin tasks, customer support, calendar management, digital marketing, online lead generation, ad posting, appointment setup, following up with the leads, website maintenance, social media management, transaction and listing coordination, and CRM management.

Usually, they have to train the employee to do all the above. Besides, paying minimum or above minimum salary including all the benefits of employing someone which will cut a huge portion off of their profit margin.

That’s when DVAS comes to the rescue. I am trained virtual assistants to do the tasks a business owner needs such as web design, admin tasks, digital marketing, customer support, following up with clients, data entry, web research, calendar management, and so on. 

My aim is to make you feel like you have a Valuable Business Partner.

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